15 Fun Things to Do in Genoa, Italy For Travelers

1. Take in the wonders of the Genoa Cathedral

2. Spend some quality time amongst the fins and flippers of the Aquarium of Genoa

3. Take a ride on the Bigo Panoramic Lift

4. Stroll along the scenic streets of Old town

5. Get to the heart of the city as you hang out in Piazza De Ferrari

6. Enjoy a memorable show at Teatro Carlo Felice

7. Check out the countless legacies of the Galata Sea Museum

8. Go Whale Watching

9. Enjoy the pieces at the Royal Palace Museum

10. Get up close and personal with some vibrant relics at Christopher Columbus’ House and Porta Soprana

11. Take a two-wheeled expedition with some amazing bike tour

12. Settle in and enjoy a candlelight concert

13. Linger in the shadow of the Lighthouse of Genoa

14. Channel your sailing side with a few boat tour

15. Enjoy an educational free-for-all at the Rolli Palaces and Strada Nuova Museum

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