15 Fun Things to Do in Delhi, India For Travelers

1. Sleep in a heritage hotel

Delhi has no shortage of luxury hotels, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, Sleep in a heritage hotel.

2. Kingdom of Dream

Located in Sector 29, Gurgaon, this massive complex was built to celebrate India’s diversity and rich cultural heritage. 

3. Catch a show at the Kamani Auditorium

A work of art in its own right, the impressive Kamani Auditorium is a one-of-a-kind theatre located in the heart of Delhi’s entertainment district.

4. Retail therapy awaits at Delhi’s many shopping mall

In need of a touch of retail therapy? Delhi has got you covered. 

5. Get a little wild on a pub crawl

Looking to let your hair down? Delhi’s vibrant nightlife is just the ticket. 

6. Delhi’s best restaurant

Feast your eyes and stomachs at Delhi’s best restaurant.

7. Shri Kalka Ji Temple

Shri Kalka Ji is a beacon for worshippers and a must-see spiritual tourist attraction in Delhi. 

8. International Museum of Toilet

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets does an amazing job at charting the history of the John (or the loo, or the W.C).

9. Visit the National War Memorial

Right next to both the National Gallery of Modern Art and India Gate is the National War Memorial – a recently built monument that honours India’s fallen soldiers. 

10. Pamper yourself at the city’s best spa

Delhi has no shortage of spas offering all sorts of indulgent treatments, from Swedish massages and aromatherapy to Ayurvedic therapies and more. 

11. Old Delhi food tour

Quintessential to any trip to Delhi (or anywhere in India, for that matter) is indulging in the local cuisine – and there’s no better place to do just that than Old Delhi. 

12. National Crafts Museum & Hastkala Academy

That’s what you can expect at the National Crafts Museum – one of Delhi’s more underrated museums.

13. Soak up the beauty of the Lotus Temple

Visually spectacular and one of the most serene places in all of Delhi, the Lotus Temple is a must-see, whether you’re religious or not. 

14. Chandni Chowk Market

The very definition of controlled chaos, Chandni Chowk is one of Delhi’s most vibrant, historic markets and a true assault on the senses. 

15. Wet your whistle at some rooftop bar

Had enough of all the temples and ancient forts? Want a well-earned break from the bustling markets? 

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