15 Fun Things To Do In Bucharest, Romania

1. Dive into a legacy of music, food and fun at Beraria H

2. Drink or dance with a view at the best rooftop bar

3. Sample the excellent nightlife

4. Be a high-roller at the casino

5. Try some fine brews on a beer tasting tour

6. Visit with vampires at Bran Castle (day trip)

7. Enjoy the dazzling glasswork of Macca – Vilacrosse Passage

8. Feast at the best restaurants in Bucharest

9. Sip and sample on a wine tasting tour

10. Unleash your inner explorer with a scavenger game

11. See the surreal world of Muddy Volcanoes (day trip)

12. Take a spin on some theme park ride

13. Browse through the best market

14. Visit the historic churches and monasteries

15. Catch a show at the Bucharest National Opera House

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