21 Fun Things For Travelers To Do In Mauritius 

1. Sit down at the best restaurants and indulge!

2. Party with sand between your toes at the best beach club

3. Soak up some knowledge on The Mauritius Museum tour

4. Get in touch with the ecosystem of Black River Gorges National Park

5. Take an Underwater Waterfalls helicopter tour

6. Cool off with a twist at Splash N Fun Leisure Park

7. Try all the street food you can stomach

8. Tour the Bois Cheri Tea Factory

9. Check out the sparkling specimens at the Diamond Museum

10. Zip around on an e-bike tour

11. Search for whales near Black River

12. Enjoy the tranquility of Balaclava Public Beach

13. Try some paddleboarding

14. Savor the sights at the Maconde Viewpoint

15. Tour a Rhumerie (and get some samples)

16. Spring into a Skydiving adventure

17. Try out a flyboard

18. Unwind in style at some excellent spas

19. Pay your respects at Grand Bassin

20. Learn more about the ocean’s bounty at World of Seashell

21. Admire the eye-catching Notre Dame Auxiliatrice

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