15 Fun Things For Travelers To Do In Kyoto, Japan

1. Head to Kyoto’s best bars for sundowner

2. Enjoy some live music

3. Go dancing at Kyoto’s nightclub

4. Try a Sake tasting or experience

5. Steam-punk fans enjoy a non-verbal theater show at GEAR

6. You have to go cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto

7. Dine down Pontocho Alley near the Kamo River

8. Try a traditional sento, i.e. Japanese bath house

9. Soak and rejuvenate at an Onsen (hot spring)

10. Catch a show at ROHM Theatre Kyoto

11. Hear kitties purr at a cat cafe

12. Experience fine dining at Kyoto’s Michelin star restaurant

13. Try a Japanese cooking class

14. Perfect your backswing with a round of golf

15. Sharpen up your skills at Kyoto’s sports park

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