11 Fun Facts About California, United States

1. An Official Ghost Town

Here’s a quirky fact, California has an offical Ghost Town.

2. The California Grizzly Bear

You may find that odd since there are no grizzly bears in California.

3. Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign was originally created to advertise a housing development in 1923.

4. Populous State

The Most Populous State In The United States. California is home to almost 40 million people.

5. An Abundance Of National Parks

Many people think of California as a bustling state that’s comprised only of dense cities and beaches.

6. Find Your Fortune

Did you know that these cookies didn’t come to us from China? They were actually created in California.

7. It’s Earthquake Territory

It’s no secret that California has its fair share of earthquakes.

8. The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge Isn’t Actually Golden, It was painted “International Orange” to help it stand out in the fog.

9. The Biggest Trees

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park are home to the largest trees in the world.

10. A Moving Landmark

These cable cars make up the first “moving landmark” in the United States.

11. Los Angeles

No article about California would be complete without a section about Los Angeles, the center of Hollywood.

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