15 Fun And  Cool Things to Do in Vilnius, Lithuania

1. Devour local delicacies at the best Restaurant

2. Plan to hit up the best bar

3. Do a refreshing Beer Tasting

4. Dress up for a night at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

5. Step on the Stebuklas for good luck

6. Spend a day visiting other fascinating Museum

7. Go to an outdoor concert at Vingis Park

8. Get wild at Zoopark

9. Stimulate your mind with the art inside MO Museum (Modern Art Museum)

10. Take a walk to explore the Street Art scene

11. Learn about the currencies of the world at the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania

12. Get trippy inside the Vilnius Museum of Illusion

13. Bike tour your way around Vilnius

14. Take a tour of the Scenarios of Chernobyl HBO Mini-series

15. Get to the top of the TV Tower of Vilniu

15 Unique Things To Do In Vilnius, Lithuania