17 Fun And Cool Things To Do In The Azores, Portugal

1. Visit the interesting Gruta do Natal (Natal Cave)

2. Go inside a volcano cavity at Algar do Carvão Natural Reserve

3. Learn about the island’s volcanic history at Furnas do Enxofre

4. Have a truly memorable meal at Cella Bar

5. Take one of the most scenic drives on Longitudinal Road (EN3)

6. Have a quaint picnic inside Parque Florestal do Mistério da Prainha

7. Join a wine tasting on the island known best for wines in the Azore

8. Hike the beautiful Lagoa do Capitão Traila

9. Find your own natural pool to relax in

10. Enjoy some memorable dolphin watching

11. Learn about whaling at the Whaling Industry Museum & Whalers’ Museum

12. Check out the innovative and sustainable architecture at Gruta das Torres

13. Test your limits climbing Pico Mountain

14. Deeply learn about local history Horta Museum

15. Relish the mild waters for the Varadouro Natural Pool

16. Enjoy a day at one of the best beaches on the island

17. Learn about the extensive island botany at Faial Botanical Garden

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