9 Famous Hill Station In India To Explore 

1. Dhanaulti 

This is one of the best places for family to explore, it is best for family vacation.

2. Kanatal

Kanatal is one of the closest places with Mussoorie, it is unexplored hence you will love the scenery.

3. Chakrata

Chakrata is one of the finest Hill stations and best for the solo trips.

4. Lansdowne 

Lansdowne is a off beaten places and not popular as others but have beautiful scenery and places to relax.

5. Nainital 

Nainital is one of the most popular place in India and know for family vacations and honeymoon destination.

6. Shimla

Shimla is as famous as Nainital is and know as Queen Of Hill hence you can say this is the best place as Hill Station.

7. Manali

Another Famous hill station in India with beautiful scenery and many places to explore.

8. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a popular destination located in Indian States, Himachal Pradesh and have attraction of many tourists.

9. Almora 

Located in Indian States, Himachal Pradesh. Almora is known for its unique culture and there is many other things to explore as well.

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