15 Exciting Things to Do on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

1 – Channel your inner sailor and go rafting

2 – Sip reds, whites, and more on wine tasting tour

3 – Hop on board a Positano boat tour

4 – Climb to the top of Castello di Arechi

5 – Embark on some exciting walking tour

6 – Take a flying tour on a Zip line

7 – Add the Fjord of Furore to the bucket list

8 – Paraglide over the region

9 – Be engulfed by the magic of the Emerald Grotto

10 – Don the apron for a cooking class

11 – Take a hike in Valle Delle Ferriere

12 – Pedal through the beauty with a few bike tour

13 – Explore the Amalfi Coast by boat or kayak

14 – Grab a snorkel and start adventuring

15 – Spend some time eating, drinking and exploring around the Tramonti old town

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