15 Exciting Things For Travelers To Do In Kyoto, Japan

1. Learn the art of Japanese calligraphy

2. Breathe in the freshness and peacefulness of Japanese garden

3. Check out the art museums in Kyoto

4. Blast into the past at the Katsura Imperial Villa

5. Take hundreds of pics at the historic Higashiyama District

6. You have to go cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto

7. Visit Toei Kyoto Studio Park, Japan’s one and only jidaigeki theme park!

8. Hike Mount Kurama

9. Shop ‘til you drop at the Teramachi and Shinkyogoku Arcade

10. Food tour around Nishiki Market

11. Hear kitties purr at a cat cafe

12. Pretend to be a samurai during a Samurai Experience

13. Dance among the Autumn Leave

14. Perfect your backswing with a round of golf

15. Sharpen up your skills at Kyoto’s sports park

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