15 Ethiopian Foods You Need to Try

1. Chechebsa (Shredded Flatbread for Breakfast)

2. Kinche (Oatmeal for Breakfast)

3. Genfo (Porridge for Breakfast)

4. Enkulal Firfir (Scrambled Egg for Breakfast)

5. Doro Wat (Chicken Stew for Lunch/Dinner)

6. Alecha Wot (Mild Beef Stew mostly for Dinner)

7. Key Wat (Spicy Beef Stew for Dinner)

8. Tibs (Lightly Fried Meat Slices For Lunch)

9. Kitfo (Beef Tartare for Lunch/Dinner)

10. Gored Gored (Raw Meat Cubes for Dinner)

11. Gomen be Sega (Meat with Collard Green for Dinner)

12. Gomen Kitfo (Collard Green Tartare for Dinner on Special Occasion)

13. Beyainatu (Vegetarian Dish for Dinner)

14. Messer Wat (Lentil Stew for Lunch)

15. Tekel Gomen (Cabbage Dish for Lunch/Dinner)

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