Do You Know There Is A Mini-Russia In Goa, India?

Morjim, one of Goa's numerous well-known tourist destinations, stands out as a special place that has earned the title of "Mini-Russia." or "Little Russia". 

With kilometres of golden beaches and blue waters, Morjim's coastline is one of the most beautiful in India. 

Morjim has a variety of water sports and activities for thrill seekers to enjoy. 

Beginners can try their hand at these exhilarating activities in the Arabian Sea because of its calm waters.  

Do you know, Every year, about 90,000 Russian visitors travel to Goa?

They were attracted by Morjim's stunning beaches, pleasant weather, and laid-back vibe and fell in love with it right away. 

First of all, the language barrier is greatly diminished in Morjim since a large number of residents have mastered basic Russian language skills to accommodate Russian tourists. 

Second, the presence of Russian restaurants, stores, and services meets the unique requirements and preferences of Russian tourists. 

Furthermore, Russian foreign nationals looking for a more reasonable spot to settle down are drawn to Morjim by the city's relatively lower cost of living. 

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