Top 13 Destinations For Summer Vacations

1. California in the summer

California can be very expensive in summer, but you don’t have to worry, you can volunteer there with Worldpackers. 

2. Italy in July 

The only thing to know is that Italy is quite expensive in summer, and packed! 

3. French Riviera's summer

The beaches are amazing, the villages are très chic, and there is a unique atmosphere. 

4. The best time to visit South Africa 

If you want to have the highest chance to spot the big 5, summer is the time to go. 

5. Norway beyond the northern light

The country is famous both in winter and in summer. In winter you can see northern lights, but it can be pretty cold.  

6. Canada's perfect summer 

Canada is one of the top summer travel ideas. It is huge, full of national parks, some of the best lakes and mountains in the world.

7. New Zealand in the summer

New Zealand is very remote for most travelers, but it’s a place to visit once in a lifetime, and summer is the best time to do it.  

8. Greece in August 

With so much history to discover, but also paradise islands all around -it is not easy to decide where to go. 

9. Spain, the sun of the European summer

You can go sightseeing in the cities, enjoy the beach, go hiking in the moutains and more.

10. Portugal beaches

Surfing in the portuguese beaches and enjoying some unique sceneries over the ocean is breathtaking. 

11. Iceland dream

Iceland is very expensive, so volunteering there is the best decision. 

12. Summer travel: Indonesia 

Indonesia is a wonderful country, with so many things to do and see. 

13. Ireland with little rain 

Ireland is a very good place to visit in summer. It can be very rainy, but in summer your chances to see sunshine increase a lot. 

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