14 Days Of Trip To Explore Portugal For Travelers 

Day 1-4: Lisbon

Start your journey in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and one of the oldest cities in Europe.  

Day 5: Porto Covo

On day 5, head south towards the cute traditional fishing village of Porto Covo. 

Day 6-8: Algarve

Enjoy a breathtaking coastline, epic caves, and waves that give the area its reputation as a surfers’ paradise.  

Day 9: Évora

After soaking up the sun on the southern shores, head back inland toward the stunning medieval city of Evora.  

Day 10: Obidos

Obidos – one of the most stunning towns you will come across on your travels through the country. 

Day 11: Douro Valley

Enjoy one of the many hiking trails, discover the valley towns, or participate in water sports on the wild Douro River. 

Day 13+14: Porto

With views over the Douro estuary, Porto has one of the oldest centers in Europe, proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  

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