14 Days Of Road Trip To Explore Albania 

Day 1: Tirana to Berat

On your first day of the road trip fly into the full of the color, the capital of the Albania, Tirana.

Day 2: Berat 

On your second day of the road trip, explore the beautiful city with incredible Ottoman architecture.

Day 3: Berat to Gjirokaster

On your day 3 of road trip, drive slow to enjoy the scenic drive if you do not want to miss the beautiful views.

Day 4: Gjirokaster

Gjirokaster is one of the most memorable towns on your Albania 2-week itinerary.  

Day 5: Gjirokaster to Ksamil 

On day 5 of your Albanian road trip, begin your journey to Ksamil, a beautiful coastal town on the ‘Albanian Riviera’.  

Day 6: Ksamil

The beach paradise of Ksamil is a must-see on your Albania itinerary.  

Day 7: Butrint National Park

Day 7 is all about history as you embark on the next part of your Albanian road trip!  

Day 8: Ksamil to Himarë

The journey in total takes around 2 hours. 

Day 9: Himarë 

Himarë is a beautiful beach destination north of Ksamil and Butrint National Park.  

Day 10: Himarë to Kruje

One of the most beautiful drives on your Albanian road trip is the one from Himarë to Kruje.  

Day 11: Kruje to Theth

(Just note that most shops opens at 10 AM) There is also a castle in Kruje to explore if you have time.  

Day 12: Hike to Valbona Peak, Theth

Day 12 is your chance to explore the unbelievable nature that Albania has to offer. 

Day 13: Theth to Tirana

On your penultimate day in Albania, it’s time to head back to the buzzing capital: Tirana.

Day 14: Drive to Tirana Airport 

If you have a hire car, drive the 30 minutes to the airport and drop your rental car there before you fly.  

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