9 Cons Of Living in Colorado, United States

1. Higher Cost of Living

Depending on the Colorado city you choose, the cost of living can be significantly higher than the national average.  

2. Extreme Weather

Colorado has its share of extreme weather throughout the state, including snow, hail, and flash floods. 

3. Wildfire

Wildfires are also growing in size. The 20 largest wildfires in Colorado’s history have happened over the last 22 years. 

4. Travel Between Region

Colorado has vast and beautiful regions that span from the plains of Eastern Colorado to the Plateau of the Western slope.  

5. Traffic

Not all of Colorado’s cities are as bad as Denver. Colorado Springs is not nearly as crowded with traffic comparatively. 

6. Expensive Healthcare

That high-quality healthcare comes with a high price tag, and Healthcare costs have increased sharply in the last few years. 

7. Expectation for an Active Lifestyle

Colorado is ranked #1 as the most physically active state. Over 80% of Coloradoans exercise regularly. 

8. Overcrowding

Rocky Mountain Park receives 4.5 million visitors annually, making it one of the most visited U.S. National Parks. 

9. Attitude Towards Newcomer

Colorado saw a nearly 15% increase in population from 2010-2020. The majority of newcomers chose the Front Range as their home. 

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