11 Cheapest Countries to Explore on a Budget

1. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest country in Europe.

2. Romania

In Europe, Many cities has cheap flights and Romania is one of them.

3. Montenegro

Montenegro is probably the Balkan country offering the best balance of gorgeous destinations and low prices.

4. Albania

You can explore beautiful Villages with beaches view on your budget.

5. Hungary

There is another cheap country in Europe and that is Hungary.

6. Mexico

If we talk about American countries on budget to travel then Mrxico will be the best option.

7. Guatemala

Guatemala’s stunning nature is reason enough to visit the Central American country.

8. Egypt

Egypt is the country everyone wants to explore and on budget as well located in Africa.

9. Thailand

Asia's one of the beautiful countries, Thailand is also on budget to explore nature and history of Thailand.

10. Indonesia

A paradise for backpackers and digital nomads, Indonesia is another Southeast Asian country you should visit if you are on a tight budget.

11. Cambodia

Flights to Cambodia can be expensive, if you plan a bigger trip to Southeast Asia, you can fly there for cheap from neighboring countries.

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