Top 10 Cheap Places To Visit In Mexico For Travelers 

1. Puerto Vallarta 

Puerto Vallarta is an amazing alternative to other more known beach towns to have a great vacation in Mexico by the water. 

2. Playa del Carmen 

Playa Del Carmen, in Yucatan Peninsula, is a well known expat and digital nomad hotspot for a reason!  

3. Isla Mujeres

A beautiful little island off the coast of Cancun, where you can get to by taking a 30 minute ferry for as low as $16.  

4. Valladolid 

Located in Yucatan northern Quintana Roo, this colourful city in Mexico is a hidden gem. 

5. Guadalajara

Guadalajara is buzzing with unique culture, food, colonial architecture, and friendly people.  

6. Cancun

If you're planning a trip to Mexico it's no doubt that you've heard of the famous beach city Cancun.  

7. San Cristóbal de las Casa

San Cristobal de las Casas will surely take your breath away without taking too much out of your pocket. 

8. Mexico City 

If you’re taking a trip to Mexico, don't miss out on the delicious meals. 

9. Oaxaca City 

A state filled with gorgeous scenery and unique indigenous culture.

10. Puerto Escondido  

Last but not least we have Puerto Escondido, a beautiful beach city located in the cultural state of Oaxaca.  

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