11 Cheap Places To Travel In The World

1. Spain

Europe as a whole isn’t known for being a cheap place to travel.  

2. Poland

When it comes to cheap countries to visit, Poland is up there as a well-known destination.  

3. Hungary

Not only is Hungary home to one of the most beautiful European capitals, but it’s also a cheap place to travel to.  

4. Albania

Best of all, it’s one of the cheapest places to travel in the world – with affordable accommodation, hotels, and transport. 

5. Turkey

The benefit of it being part of Asia is that it’s much cheaper than many other western European countries! 

6. Georgia

Georgia is truly the hidden gem of Europe and another transcontinental treasure to add to your list.  

7. Thailand

Thailand is a backpacker favorite for good reason – it’s one of the cheapest countries to travel to!  

8. Indonesia

Its diverse ecological landscapes and cheap prices make it an incredible place to travel.

9. Philippines

Island vacations don’t get much better, or cheaper, than in the Philippines! 

10. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an incredibly special part of Asia and a really cheap place to travel! 

11. Vietnam

Much like the rest of Asia, this way of eating makes it one of the cheapest countries to travel to.

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