15 Best Birthday Trip Ideas In The United States

1. Vibrant celebrations in the Big Apple: New York City

2. Sunny delights in the Sunshine State: Miami, Florida

3. Jazz It Up in the Crescent City: New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Adventurous escapes in the Rocky Mountains: Denver, Colorado

5. Magical Disney celebrations: Orlando, Florida

6. Music and BBQ Extravaganza: Austin, Texa

7. Desert oasis retreat: Scottsdale, Arizona

8. Outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest: Portland, Oregon

9. Historical charm in the Nation's Capital: Washington, D.C.

10. Beach bliss on the Gulf Coast: Gulf Shores, Alabama

11. Mountain majesty in Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

12. Entertainment capital of the world: Las Vegas

13. Cowboy culture in the Lone Star State: Fort Worth, Texas

14. Historic charm in Charleston, South Carolina

15. Island paradise in Honolulu, Hawaii

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