11 Best Vintage Clothing Stores In Amsterdam

1. Rumors Vintage & Design

This colorful boutique is located near Amsterdam Central Station and is an absolute treasure.  

2. Episode 

Episode can’t be missed on this list, as it’s the most well-known second-hand store chain in Amsterdam. 

3. Bij Ons Vintage 

This beautiful vintage store in Amsterdam is Hannah’s personal favorite.  

4. Laura Dol

If you’re looking for a unique party outfit, this is the place to go. Girly dresses, sparkly bags, they have it all! 

5. Kiloshop – Vintage Amsterdam

The name says it all: at the Kiloshop, you pay per kilo.  

6. Waterlooplein

Waterlooplein is the oldest flea market in the heart of Amsterdam.  

7. Zipper

If you are looking for original clothes for an average price, then you go to Zipper!  

8. We are Vintage in Amsterdam

We Are Vintage has an endless choice of high-quality vintage items for both women and men.  

9. Noordermarkt 

The Noordermarkt in Amsterdam takes place every Monday.  

10. Van Dijk & Ko

Van Dijk & Ko is a huge vintage warehouse where you can find cool furniture, lamps, and home accessories.  

11. De IJ-Hallen

IJ-Hallen is the largest and most attractive flea market in Europe and takes place at least once a month.  

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