15 Best Tourist Attractions In Peru

1. Machu Picchu

A must for any tourist coming to Peru is to get acquainted with one of the specimens representing America’s most amazing structures of ancient times.

2. Colca Canyon

This landmark of Peru is a valley of a river flowing in the south of the republic, namely 160 km southwest of the village of Arequipa.

3. Nazca Desert

A great option is one of the most amazing places with a touch of mysticism on the entire planet Earth.

4. Lake Titicaca

It is located in the highlands, namely on the border between Bolivia and the described republic.

5. The Floating Islands of Ouros

We continue to describe places of interest in the Republic of Peru. As mentioned above, there are many islands in the high mountain lake area.

6. The ancient city of Pisac

It is located 33 km from Cusco, namely in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, near the river Urubamba. The settlement once served as an Inca fortress.

7. The city of Cuzco

It was once the capital of the ancient Inca Empire, so it was decided to put the whole village on the UNESCO heritage list.

8. Tucume Pyramid Valley

This landmark of Peru is a unique archaeological complex, including 26 pyramids, which reach a height of 40 meters.

9. Andean candelabra

Tours in Peru are often organized in the direction of the Paracas National Reserve. It is believed that this place was one of the first to be inhabited by an intelligent civilization.

10. Inca Trail

We are talking about an amazing hiking route, which, as the name implies, was laid out by the Incas.

11. Gocta Falls

There is a province in the Republic of Peru called Chachapoyas, which means “people of the clouds.”

12. Manu National Park

The site of its formation is the confluence of two rivers, it is considered the flora and fauna capital of the world.

13. The Ancient City of Chan Chan

It was founded in pre-Columbian times, and is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

14. Oasis of Ouacachina

Looking at its photos, it’s hard not to agree that it’s one of the most picturesque oases. You will definitely spend an unforgettable vacation there.

15. Lima Cathedral

The location of this Peruvian landmark is the historic center of Lima, namely Plaza Mayor.

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