15 Best Things To Do On The Micronesian Island

1. See the 81st Infantry Division Memorial

2. Check Out the Construction of Airai Bai 

3. See Badrulchau Stone Monoliths 

4. Visit the Belau National Museum

5. Dive the Blue Corner Wall

6. See the Artifacts at the Etpison Museum 

7. Dive the German Channel

8. Relax on Honeymoon Beach

9. Cross the Japan-palau Friendship Bridge

10. Take a Dip in Jelly Fish Lake

11. Snorkel Around Kayangel Island

12. Checkout the Largest Freshwater Lake in Palau: Lake Ngardok

13. Swim in the Milky Way Lagoon

14. Visit the Palau Aquarium

15. Take in the History on Peleliu Island

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