15 Best Things To Do In Winnipeg, Canada For Travelers

1. Assiniboine Park Zoo

Many of the animals in this zoo are rescues so we had no problem at all visiting the Assiniboine Park Zoo knowing that the animals were in good care. 

2. Journey To Churchill

The Journey to Churchill is one of the top attractions in Manitoba and is a close second to heading up to Churchill, Manitoba.

3. Underwater Tunnel

A highlight of the zoo is definitely the underwater display. We had the privilege of watching a polar bear swim above a glass walkway.  

4. The Forks National Historic Site

Winnipeg is an interesting destination for its history and the Forks is definitely one of the top attractions in Winnipeg for every visitor.  

5. Riverwalk

There are plenty of activities around the Forks outside too. Located on the river, there are walking trails and cycling trails.  

6. The Red River Mutual Trail

If you are in Winnipeg in the winter, one of the best things to do is to skate along the Red River Mutual Trail.  

7. The Manitoba Legislative Building

The Manitoba Legislative Building was one of the best things we did in Winnipeg. 

8. Thermea Nordik Spa

Hop in a TappCar (Winnipeg’s Answer to Uber) and spend the afternoon and evening at Nordik Spa. 

9. Aufgaus Ritual

When you enter, be sure to not miss the Aufgaus Ritual that takes place in the Finlandia Sauna.  

10. Canadian Museum For Human Right

If you have followed Dave and me through the years, you will know that we don’t go gaga over many museums.  

11. Exchange District

Take a stroll through time at the Winnipeg Exchange District’s heritage buildings dating from 1880 to 1920. 

12. Johnson Terminal

Johnson Terminal is located next door to the Forks and is another historic spot filled with shops and dining.  

13. Qaumajuq

When looking for places to visit in Winnipeg to learn about Indigenous culture the Quamujuq Gallery is a great place to start.  

14. Winnipeg Art Gallery

Winnipeg is actually a very artsy city and there are plenty of museums and art galleries to explore in downtown Winnipeg. 

15. Royal Winnipeg Ballet

If you’ve always wanted to go to the ballet, this is the place to do it! 

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