17 Best Things To Do In The Azores, Portugal

1. Visit the incredible Vila Franca Islet (Natural Reserve)

2. Learn more about the Azorean culture inside the Carlos Machado Museum

3. Check out the best viewpoints on the island

4. Treat yourself to a feast for the senses at Mercado da Graça

5. Take a tour of the otherworldly Gruta do Carvão

6. Scuba dive to the blue depths of the Atlantic Ocean

7. Have a picnic at Aveiro Waterfall

8. Visit the “Red Desert” of Barreiro da Faneca

9. Enjoy one of the best beaches in Azores called Praia Formosa

10. Visit the stunning views of the lighthouse and sea at Ponta do Castelo

11. View the red rocks and natural pool formation at Poço da Pedreira

12. Hike around the emblematic Caldeira Volcano

13. Learn about the island’s whale processing history at Porto Pim Whale Factory Museum

14. Take a leisure hike around the stunning Morro de Castelo Branco

15. Plan your day around a trip to the legendary Peter Cafe Sport

16. Walk around the important Horta Marina

17. Hike around the Azore’s last erupted volcano at Capelinhos Volcano

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