7 Best Things To Do In Mauritius For Tourists

1. Hike up Le Morne

Le Morne is a mountain on the SouthWestern tip of Mauritius. 

2. Visit the Chamarel Waterfall

The waterfall can (sadly enough) only be seen from the top and the hike is super easy! 

3. Visit the Chamarel 7-colored earth

Another impressive sight and thing to do in Mauritius is the Chamarel 7-colored earth. 

4. Pamplemousse park

Pamplemousse is a park that includes an incredible collection of plants from all over the world.  

5. Try to eat like a local

Mauritian food is a unique mix of African, Indian, and Chinese cuisines.  

6. Grand Bassin, Mauritius

A priest from India once brought sacred water and poured holy water into the lake.  

7. Explore the beaches

Mauritius is completely surrounded by beaches and a beautiful coastline.  

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