19 Best Things To Do In Marbella, Spain For Travelers

1. Marbella Old Town

This is a place to sit back and relax, people watch and take in the Spanish vibes.

2. Continue To Avenida Del Mar

Avenida del Mar is a lovely pedestrian street connecting Marbella Old Town to the beach.

3. Relax In Alameda Park

Just a short walk from Avenida del Mar is the picturesque Alameda Park.

4. Walk Marbella Promenade

Our favorite thing to do in Marbella was to walk the Paseo Maritimo (Marbella Promenade) each morning.

5. Charter A Yacht For A Sunset Cruise

Marbella’s Puerto Banús is famous for its luxury yachts, fast cars, and luxurious hotels.

6. Kayaking Tour

If yachting isn’t your thing and you want a little more hands-on experience on the water, take a kayaking tour for beautiful views of the Marbella coast.

7. Puerto Banús

After your cruise (or kayaking tour), spend some time in Puerto Banús to enjoy some fresh seafood.

8. Plaza De Los Naranjos

Taking its name from the orange trees that grow in the square, Plaza de Los Naranjos is the heartbeat of Marbella Old Town.

9. Iglesia De La Encarnación

Continue your tour through Old Town to see Iglesia de la Encarnación (Church of our lady of Incarnation).

10. Take A Wine Tour

Marbella Wine and bike tour is one of the best ways to explore the old town while immersing in Andalucian food and wine.

11. Marbella Castle

As you pull yourself away from Marbella OId Town, you may stumble upon the Moorish castle and walls of the city.

12. Iglesia Del Santo Cristo De La Veracruz

Marbella is old and its old town is definitely ancient, therefore, it is filled with historic churches.

13. Take A Cycling Tour

Take a ride to historical sites along the cycling paths as you enjoy the Andalusian sun.

14. Join Marbella Food Tours

There is no doubt that Spanish food is some of the best in the world, and a Marbella Food Tour is one of the best ways to immerse in its culture.

15. Beaches Of Marbella

Even though we have it on the list as number 15, enjoying the beaches of Marbella is definitely number 1.

16. Shopping In Marbella

One of my favorite things to do in Marbella was to browse the shops for Andalusian fashion.

17. Golfing In Marbella Is Popular

Marbella is a popular place for golfing with some of the best golf courses in the world dotting the landscape.

18. Andalusian Horse

No trip to Southern Spain would be complete without watching Andalusian horses in action.

19. Caminito Del Rey

An exciting day trip from Marbella is the Caminito del Rey Day Trip. Located km from Marbella this was once one of the most dangerous hikes in Europe.

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