7 Best Things To Do In Kas, Turkey For Travelers

1. Wandering and shopping

One of the best things to do is wandering in streets and do not forget to shop.

2. Visit Kaputas Beach, Turkey

One of the most famous Beaches in Turkey is located in Kas so relax and have fun there.

3. Hike 

We suggest you to hike the mountain and reach to the top by evening or early morning for sunset or sunrise.

4. Go on a day-trip to Greece

Meis is an island of Greece and is just a 20-minute boat trip from Kas.  

5. Climb up the Amphitheater for Sunset

Another location to make your evening more beautiful by seeing the sunset.

6. Grab a drink at Kas Square

The main square of Kas is a small area overlooking the harbor.  

7. Have dinner at a restaurant

There are many good restaurant with taste and service, explore them by yourself.

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