11 Best Things To Do In Fiji For First-Time Travelers

1. Kava Ceremony

When traveling to Fiji you must take part in a traditional Kava ceremony. 

2. Raft The Upper Navua River

Rafting the Upper Navua River is probably one of the most peaceful and beautiful rafting trips we’ve ever taken.  

3. Visit The Oho Cave

Fiji is the land of the headhunter, and Gilligan was marooned on a beautiful paradise island filled with headhunters.  

4. Go Ziplining

The Pacific Coast is the adventure capital of Fiji and zip lining is the number one attraction here.  

5. Jet Boat Safari

The small boat whizzes through the river, doing 360s at lightning-fast speeds through incredible scenery. 

6. Visit A Traditional Fijian Village

Stopping at Tuvu Village to take part in a Kava ceremony with the villagers was one of our most memorable moments on Fiji.  

7. Visit A Traditional Salt Factory

Gathering salt from tidal pools is hard work. A visit to a traditional salt factory will give you a first-hand view of just how difficult that work is. 

8. Island Hop

There are so many islands that are waiting to be explored by you just off the coast of Fiji.  

9. Swim With Manta Ray

Scuba diving is a very popular activity in Fiji with its crystal clear waters and coral reefs. 

10. Paintball At Sonaisali

A unique adventure in Fiji is to take a trip out to the Sonaisali Resort for a game of Paintball in the jungle.  

11. Garden Of The Sleeping Giant

If you are looking for something a little offbeat to do in Fiji, the Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a lovely attraction for outdoor lovers.  

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