10 Weirdest But Best Things To Do In Dublin

1. Kingship and Sacrifice

This is certainly a more unusual thing to do in Dublin and not as popular on the tourist route. 

2. Marsh’s Library

This is another weird thing to do in Dublin and is also a great rainy day activity.  

3. Leprechaun Museum

This weird little museum is another great thing to do when the weather is not so favourable in the Irish capital. 

4. Irish Jewish Museum

Another alternative thing to do in Dublin is to visit the Irish Jewish Museum.  

5. Freemasons’ Hall

This impressive attraction is definitely one of the weirdest things to do in Dublin 

6. Whitefriar Street Church

This church located in Dublin city also offers a weird thing to do in Dublin. 

7. St. Michan’s Mummies

Ever seen a real mummy or inspected a skeleton up-close? Well now may just be your chance! 

8. The “Dead Zoo”

One of you more unusual ways to spend the day in Dublin would be to check out the “Dead Zoo”, the colloquial term for The Natural History Museum. 

9. The Hungry Tree

The Hungry Tree is the local’s name for an elderly plane tree which has grown to envelop a public bench.

10. The Crypt

The only problem is, it’s sporadically open, so if you ever see the door ajar make sure to pop your head in! 

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