15 Best Things To Do In Canmore, Alberta

1. Hiking In Canmore

With trailheads at your doorstep, you can in the middle of the Canadian wilderness in minutes!  

2. Rock Climbing

It’s a bucket list item for sure to go rock climbing in the Canadian Rockies and it was the first thing we ever did in Canmore.  

3. Cross Country Skiing

While we are in the winter weather, cross country skiing is one of the most popular things to do in Canmore in winter. 

4. Ice climbing

With many natural waterfalls and reliable cold weather, ice climbing in Canmore is a must. 

5. Dog Sledding Tour

It is so popular that you can go mushing in all thirteen Canadian provinces and territories.  

6. Walking Trail

With a whopping 70 km of trails within Canmore towns boundaries, going for a stroll is an adventure unto itself. 

7. Engine Bridge

An easy walk is out to the Historic Engine Bridge. Built by CP Rail in 1891, it was used to serve the local coal mine.  

8. Three Sister

Three Sisters are one of the most recognizable peaks in Alberta maybe even in all of the Canadian Rockies. 

9. Helicopter Tour

Speaking of mountain peaks, the way to truly take in the views of the mountains surrounding Canmore is to get up in the air.  

10. Mountain Biking

The Canmore Nordic Centre gets a workout summer or winter. In the summer it ramps up for cycling with a network of more than 100 km of trails!  

11. Snowmobiling

If your legs cannot take the strain of skiing, you can gear up for snowmobiling. 

12. Visit Banff National Parka

Many people use Canmore as a base for exploring Banff National Park, and with the town of Banff only 20 minutes away, it’s no wonder. 

13. Skiing And Snowboarding

For skiing and snowboarding, you are close to the hills as well and can make Canmore your home base.  

14. Horseback Riding

If there is one place on earth to go horseback riding, it is in Alberta. Home to the Calgary Stampede, Alberta is Cowboy Country.  

15. Kananaskis Nordic Spa

After doing all those outdoor adventures in Canmore, spend a day at the Kananaskis Nordic Spa.

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