15 Best Things To Do In Bruges, Belgium For Travelers

1. Quay Of The Rosary

Quay Of The Rosary is the most photographed place in Bruges. Located on a sharp bend of the Dijver Canal it offers the loveliest view in Bruges.

2. The Old Town Of Bruges

The Old Town of Bruges is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and its small area packs a large punch.

3. Lake Of Love

The Lake of Love (Minnewater) is a quiet retreat within Minnewater Park at the south end of Bruges.

4. Belfry Of Bruges

A protected World Heritage site, the Belfry of Bruges is a medieval bell tower in the heart of Bruges’ medieval town.

5. Bruges Museums

Stuart is extremely popular for its historic heritage including the Road to Victory Military Museum and the Stuart Heritage Museum.

6. Market Square

The Brugge Markt otherwise known as the Market Square (or Bruges Markt) is one of the top spots to check out while in Bruges.

7. The Burg Square

For those interested in architecture and history, you’re sure to be dancing with joy throughout your entire trip to Bruges.

8. Church Of Our Lady

The Church of Our Lady (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk) is an alluring beauty originating from the 13th century.

9. St. John’s Hospital

Reflecting its over 800 years as a working medical institution, this popular historic museum is found inside of the medieval Saint John’s Hospital.

10. The Begijnhof

As a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1998, Begijnhofs, or “Beguinages” are without a doubt a unique feature of Europe, specifically Belgium and the Netherlands.

11. Basilica Of The Holy Blood

The glorious Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed (Basilica of the Holy Blood) dates back to the 12th century.

12. Groeningemuseum

There is no better place for art lovers to learn about Belgian art and history than the famous Groeningemuseum!

13. Loppem Castle

Emphasizing the fairytale-like atmosphere of Bruges, the 19th-century Loppem Castle can be found just 10km south of the city center.

14. Hof Arents Park

After that much sightseeing, you’ll be ready for some peace and quiet. Located directly behind the Arentshuis museum, you will find the beautiful Hof Arents.

15. Go Windmill Hunting

We all know that the Netherlands is famous for its windmills, but Bruges has them too!

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