11 Best Things to do in Bergamo, Italy

1. Piazza Vecchia

Located at the very center of the old historic district of Bergamo lies the city’s main square Piazza Vecchia.  

2. Basilica of St. Mary Major

Known as a city of churches, Bergamo is dotted with many intricately built architectural treasures.  

3. Colleoni Chapel

As if attached to the Santa Maria Maggiore stands the ornately designed chapel of Colleoni.  

4. Campanone

The eye-catcher of Piazza Vecchia is most definitely the Civic Tower, also known as Campanone. 

5. Rocca Museum, Bergamo

Via the funicular of the Upper city, make your way up to the complex of Rocca, one of the locals’ favorite places on the Sant’Eufemia hill.  

6. Tempietto di Santa Croce

Hidden in plain sight, tucked between the much larger buildings of the upper city, lies one of Bergamo’s hidden gems.

7. Streets of Bergamo Città Alta

As Bergamo lies nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps, it’s no wonder that there are so many rolling hills across the area.  

8. Walk Bergamo’s Venetian wall

Stretching roughly 5,5 kilometers around Bergamo, and heavily fortifying the ancient city, are the impressive Venetian walls. 

9. Visit Lake Como

If Bergamo is your base for traveling the Lombardy region of northern Italy, then a day trip to the stunning Lake Como is a must-do! 

10. Bergamo City Cathedral

Just next to Piazza Vecchia and the other highlights of Bergamo’s old town stands the Bergamo Cathedral.  

11. Watch the sunset from Belvedere S.Vigilio viewpoint

From here, you can look out over both districts and the many miles of nature surrounding the city.  

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