15 Best Things To Do For Travelers In Tokyo, Japan

1. Shibuya Scramble View

Shibuya Crossing is most certainly one of Tokyo’s most recognizable attractions and it is one of the coolest things to do in Tokyo. 

2. Join The Crowd At Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is one of the most visited wards in Tokyo being the main shopping hub and meeting place of the capital city. 

3. The Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower may not be the tallest building in Tokyo, but it is certainly the most well-known tower in the city. 

4. Tokyo Skytree

The Toyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world and is the second tallest building in the world next to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. 

5. Hie Shrine

If you are looking for that famous the temple in Tokyo with that row of red Torii Gates in Tokyo, Hie Shrine is the spot. 

6. Sensoji Temple

There is a Buddhist temple and there is a Shinto Shrine adjacent to the complex that you can visit as well.  

7. Nakamise Street

Entering the temple through the Thunder Gate takes you to a street lined with souvenir shops.  

8. Meiji Shrine

This shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji who was considered the first modern emperor of Japan.  

9. Nogi- Jinja Shrine

This shrine is dedicated to a man that is considered the Last Samurai of Japan.  

10. Ginza Street

Today it is the chicest and upmarket shopping street in Tokyo with high-end shopping and dining.  

11. Takeshita Street In Harajuku

One of the best places in Tokyo to really get a feel for the modern culture and energy is Takeshita Street. 

12. See The Mirrors Of Tokyu Plaza

There are a few Tokyu Plazas around the city but this one is located on Omotesando Avenue.  

13. Experience A Robot Restaurant

For a unique experience in Toky, head to the Robot Restaurant, It is one of Tokyo’s most popular attractions.  

14. Take A Rickshaw Ride

One of the top bucket list items when visiting Asia, in general, is taking a rickshaw ride.  

15. Imperial Palace

Just north of the Minato/Akasaka area is the Chiyoda Ward. This is where one of the top attractions in Japan is located. 

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