11 Best State Parks in Colorado You Should Explore

1. Cherry Creek State Park

Denver may be the most populous hub in the state of Colorado, but that doesn't mean it is without spectacular nature and parks. 

2. Roxborough State Park

Roxborough State Park is another opportunity to disappear from Denver's rattle and hum. 

3. Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a 12,119-acre park known for its hiking, horseback riding, and biking trails, as well as its campsites and wildlife. 

4. Ridgway State Park

The state park even has a five-mile-long reservoir, which is especially popular in the summer.

5. Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park shares its name with the reservoir that it surrounds. 

6. St. Vrain State Park

Today, St. Vrain remains one of the most popular state parks in the area for fishing, camping, nature walks, and wildlife viewing. 

7. Barr Lake State Park

The 2,000-acre lake is one of the most popular attractions within the park, and the boardwalk makes a beautiful perch from which to drink it all in. 

8. Eleven Mile State Park

West of Colorado Springs sits one of the most beautiful reservoirs in Colorado, and a state park to match.  

9. Rifle Gap State Park

Camping is permitted in Rifle Gap State Park, as well. Eighty-nine campsites are available, with the majority of them found on the banks of the lake. 

10. Steamboat Lake State Park

Steamboat Springs, Colorado has so many things to do right within the town's limits.  

11. Boyd Lake State Park

Northern Colorado gets its kicks at Boyd Lake State Park, especially if those kicks are aquatic. 

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