10 Best Places to Visit in Uruguay For Your Next Trip

1. La Paloma

A small city, La Paloma lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is a popular summer beach resort amongst South Americans and Uruguayans 

2. Santa Teresa National Park

Much of the park is made up of lovely forests and seasides areas. 

3. Punta del Diablo

With beautiful beaches and a laid-back way of life, it is a relaxing place to simply kick back and watch the world go by.  

4. Carmelo

There is also a variety of activities for visitors to check out such as fishing, yachting and other watersports. 

5. Salto

The second largest city in Uruguay, many people stop off here on their way to Argentina.  

6. Piriapoli

One of the most popular beach resort towns in the country, it was actually created for that reason and so has a number of great hotels, restaurants.

7. Tacuarembo

Located in the north of the country, Tacuarembo is as gaucho as they come and the rolling hills that surround the city are full of cattle and sprawling fields. 

8. Punta del Este

The mansions along the seafront really need to be seen to be believed.  

9. Colonia del Sacramento

Having been ruled at various times by the Spanish and Portuguese who fought over it, there is an interesting mix of architectural styles. 

10. Montevideo

The Teatro Solis which borders the impressive Plaza Independencia is particularly breathtaking to behold. 

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