15 Best Places To Visit In Paraguay

1. Asuncion

A curious metropolis of more than two million people, Asuncion is the beating political, economic and cultural heart of modern Paraguay.

2. Encarnacion

The best sands are found at the end of Curupayty, groomed and managed and dotted with bikini-clad fashionistas and sunbathers alike.

3. Cerro Cora National Park

This pint-sized natural reserve is unquestionably one of the most dramatic and breathtaking sections of backcountry in all of Paraguay.

4. Ciudad del Este

there’s a reason why this unashamed hub of the Paraguayan black market is hailed as the ‘Supermarket of the Americas’.

5. Ybycui National Park

Capuchin monkeys swing through the canopies while howlers scale the tree trunks at Ybycui National Park, a small and tight-knit protected section of what’s remaining of the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest.

6. Yaguaron

The striking church that was raised by the Europeans here to make their mark still stands on the grassy fields where it did all those centuries ago.

7. Aregua

Travelers can expect a pretty maze of cobbled streets and alleyways where the lingering facades of colonial Spain still stand tall.

8. Itaugua

Its inner streets come lined with swaying, shady eucalyptus trees and there are countless workshops where it’s possible to buy nanduti.

9. Filadelfia

That makes this far-flung town – the so-called ‘Capital of the Chaco – a very different place to the small southern cities of Aregua and Itaugua.

10. San Estanislao

Named after a Polish saint, founded by Spanish Jesuits, intended to convert the native Guarani Indian peoples of San Pedro in central Paraguay.

11. Concepcion

Today, its central streets and cobbled alleys still bear all the hallmarks of a colonial outpost that did very well indeed from its various agricultural pursuits.

12. La Santisima Trinidad de Parana

A UNESCO World Heritage Site (the most-visited in the country no less), the spot is a fine example of a South American Jesuit Reduction.

13. San Cosme y Damian

It comes encompassed by shimmering, palm tree-spotted, yellow-sanded dunes, which ebb and flow across the landscape before plunging down directly into the waters.

14. San Bernardino

San Bernardino has firmly established itself as one of the prime gateways for the moneyed jet setter Asuncenos.

15. Villarrica

Set in the shadow of the rugged Ybyturuzu highland ridges, Villarrica is a proud and historically rich Paraguayan town.

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