6 Best Places To Stay In Puerto Vallarta

1. Zona Romantica (The Romantic Zone)

When my partner Clara and I visit Puerto Vallarta, we usually try to stay in Zona Romantica (aka the Romantic Zone or Old Town Puerto Vallarta). 

2. Marina Vallarta

Marina Vallarta is a developed area of beach resorts, hotels, and condos surrounding the Puerto Vallarta Marina.  

3. Zona Hotelera (the Hotel Zone)

The largest concentration of hotels in Puerto Vallarta is in the aptly named Hotel Zone.  

4. Conchas China

If you’re visiting during whale watching season and squint, you can probably even see a whale from your hotel room’s private balcony or rooftop terrace! 

5. Centro / 5 de Diciembre (“Downtown Puerto Vallarta”)

This is where you’ll find Puerto Vallarta’s Spanish colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and iconic landmarks.

6. Puerto Vallarta’s South Zone & Southern Beaches

Puerto Vallarta’s south zone includes secluded beach areas like Mismaloya, Playa Palmares, and Boca de Tomatlan. 

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