15 Best Places To Must-See While Traveling Texas

1. Japanese Tea Garden

The San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden is an oasis of green located between the San Antonio River and an old quarry.

2. USS Lexington

This World War II-vintage aircraft carrier spent time in combat was part of the fleet at Pearl Harbor, and eventually became a museum in 1992.

3. Dallas Museum of Art

With almost 15,000 square meters of exhibition space and more than 24,000 objects in its collection, the Dallas Museum of Art is one of the largest art museums in the country.

4. Lost Maples State Natural Area

Famous for its stunning fall colors and steep canyons, this natural area also has plenty more to offer throughout the year.

5. Waco Mammoth National Monument

Waco, Texas is home to the largest concentration of Columbian mammoths’ remains in any one single paleontological site.

6. Texas State Aquarium

Despite its name, this aquarium actually focuses on more than just marine species.

7. Choctaw Stadium

Originally the home of the Texas Rangers baseball team, the stadium was later also used for soccer and American football games.

8. Barton Creek Greenbelt

Whether you’re looking for the perfect outdoor space to hike, swim, kayak or go birdwatching, this should be your go-to destination in Austin.

9. Traders Village Grand Prairie

Since 1973, this 120-acre outdoor market has been Texas’ largest flea market and a bargain hunters’ paradise.

10.Texas Motor Speedway

If you’ve never visited a speedway before, Texas Motor Speedway is the perfect place to correct that.

11. Fishing trip in Corpus Christi

Located right on the Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi is a popular fishing destination.

12. McKinney Falls State Park

With a massive size of 641-acres, the park has plenty to offer to outdoor lovers, including lots of hiking and mountain biking trails.

13. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Self-dubbed an “African safari, Texas-style,” the amazing Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch puts you so close to wild animals, you could almost touch them.

14. Reunion Tower

Dallas’ most recognizable landmark, Reunion Tower was built in 1978 and stands 171 meters tall.

15. Dinosaur Valley State Park

This massive 6,000 square kilometers park has plenty to offer to outdoor lovers, but most visitors come here for one specific thing: dinosaurs.

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