10 Best Place to Get Good Beer In Prague For Beer-Drinkers

1. Strahov Monastery Brewery

Very close to Prague Castle is the Strahov Monastery Brewery, where beer has been brewed since the 13th century.

2. Beer Museum

In cellars from the 13th century, a model of a brewery is used to show how malt is produced and hops are processed.

3. U Medvidku  – At the Bear

The U Medvidku brewery with an incorporated restaurant is one of the oldest and largest beer houses in Prague.

4. Pivovarský dům – Brewery House

The mini-brewery always taps at least 8 types of beer, from light to dark to wheat beer and beers with special flavors.

5. U Fleků – At the Spot

Founded in 1499, U Fleků is one of the oldest breweries in Prague. The historical clock on the facade is a landmark.

6. U Tří růží   – At the Three Roses

The history of this brewery, which is one of the oldest in the country, began as early as 1405.

7. Craft House Prague

Craft House Prague is a modern multi-tap beer pub in Prague's New Town.

8. Břevnov Brewery

Břevnov Brewery is the oldest brewery in the whole of the Czech Republic.

9. Dno Pytle – Bottom of the Bag

This cozy pub is unique, as it is the only pub in the country where beer flows only by its own gradient.

10. U Zlatého Tygra – At the Golden Tiger

Not far from the Old Town Square, near Charles Street, lies U Zlatého Tygra.

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