10 Best National Parks Road Trips For Travelers

1. Utah National Parks Road Trip

Utah is home to one of the all-time most popular national park road trips out there. 

2. California National Parks Road Trip

Everyone has dreamed of the ultimate California road trip at some point in their lives. 

3. See Every National Park Road Trip (ALL 63!)

Who hasn’t imagined what it would be like to take on the ultimate national park road trip – seeing every single one of them. 

4. East Coast National Parks Road Trip + Virgin Island

This route starts at Acadia National Park in the northeast corner of America and works in a clockwise manner.

5. Southwest National Parks Road Trip

From here we head West once again on an epic road trip through Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks. 

6. California & Pacific National Parks Road Trip

After Arizona it’s time to head into California to see the state’s nine national parks (we’ve ranked them here). 

7. Pacific Northwest National Parks Road Trip

From Crater Lake you’ll cruise north through Mt Rainier, Olympic and finally the American Alps, North Cascades National Park.  

8. Alaska National Parks Road Trip

From Seattle you have the option of either continuing your drive (only in summer) north through the cascades.

9. Glacier, Yellowstone, & Grand Teton National Parks Road Trip

North Cascades to Glacier National Park is a 10 hour haul and marks the first eastward turn of the trip. 

10. Great Plains National Parks Road Trip

From Grand Teton the route heads east once more to the great plains of the Dakotas.  

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