7 Best Museums In Florence To Visit 

1. The Uffizi

Housed in what were once government offices (uffizi) built by Vasari for Cosimo I, these later became the home of the Medici’s art collection.

2. The Bargello

A remarkable museum of sculpture and applied arts, the Museo Nazionale del Bargello is an essential complement to the Uffizi.

3. Palazzo Pitti

With several museums under its roofs, you could spend all day in the Palazzo Pitti and still feel the need to return.

4. Museo dell’Opera del Duomo

The magnificent Museo dell’Opera del Duomo is vast repository for works of art that have been removed from the Duomo, Baptistery and Campanile over the centuries.

5. The Accademia

Completed in 1504 when Michelangelo was just 29, David has been displayed for almost four hundred years.

6. Museo Galileo

Some of Galileo’s original instruments are on show on the first floor, among them the telescope he used to discover the four moons of Jupiter.

7. Museo Archeologico

The special strength of Florence’s Museo Archeologico is its outstanding Etruscan collection.

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