15 Best Michigan Breweries For A Great Craft Beer

1. Blackrocks Brewery, Marquette

Blackrocks Brewery has quickly become the go-to watering hole for Marquette residents, serving craft beer in a repurposed house.

2. Bell’s Brewery, Kalamazoo

With the lofty title of Michigan’s oldest craft brewery, Bell’s Brewery sits comfortably on this list.

3. Right Brain Brewery, Traverse City

Right Brain Brewery is well-known for tying local flavors to their brews.

4. Grand Haven

Many of the best breweries in Michigan have a unique story to tell, with renovated homes and OG breweries already on the list.

5. Grand Rapids

If Bell’s was the original craft brewery in Michigan, then Founders Brewing Co is the transcendent star.

6. Barn Brewers Brewery

Barn Brewers Brewery upholds the traditions of the past, offering a social atmosphere and live music.

7. Ascension Brewing Co, Novi

A neighborhood brewpub with an amazing selection of craft beers, Ascension Brewing Co has something for everyone.

8. Big Lake Brewing, Holland

Big Lake Brewing is a passion project coming to life in Holland, Michigan.

9. Brewery Terra Firma

On ten acres of land, Brewery Terra Firma offers one of the best outdoor patios on our list of best breweries in Michigan.

10. Dragonmead Microbrewery, Warren

Harboring one of the longest lists of craft beers of any brewery on our list.

11. Old Boy’s Brewhouse Inc, Spring Lake

Opening in 1997 as a family-friendly brewpub, Old Boy’s Brewhouse keeps that spirit alive to this day.

12. Seedz Brewery, Union Pier

For a brewery so young (opened in 2021), Seedz Brewery has sure made an impact on Michigan’s craft brewery scene.

13. Watermark Brewing Co, Stevensville

In the heart of Stevensville, Watermark Brewing Co pours anything from foeder-aged sours to dark lagers.

14. Odd Side Ales, Grand Haven

In Grand Haven, there is a brewery whose entire premise is to keep things interesting.

15. Paw Paw Brewing Co, Paw Paw

On the Paw Paw River banks, the brewery has a great range of craft beers, from IPAs to stouts.

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