10 Best Hiking Trails In Ottawa, Canada

1. Pinhey Forest Heritage Conservation Area

Located in Kanata, Pinhey Forest is a great place for a nature walk or hike.  

2. Rideau Trail 

The Rideau Trail is a world-famous walking trail that runs from Ottawa to Kingston.  

3. Mer Bleue Bog Conservation Area Loop Trail

This short and easy 1.6km loop trail is located in the east end of Ottawa. 

4. Beaver Pond Trail

The Beaver Pond Trail is located in Kanata, just a short drive from downtown Ottawa. 

5. Hog’s Back Falls Loop

The Hog’s Back Falls Loop is a short and easy 1.5km loop trail located in the heart of Ottawa.  

6. Sheila McKee Nature Trail

The Sheila McKee Nature Trail is located outside of Kanata. It’s a short 1.5km trail that’s worth the drive. 

7. Pine Grove Trail

Pine Grove Trail is a national capital commission hike near Ottawa in the Greenbelt area. 

8. Stony Swamp Trail

Stony Swamp Trail is another great national capital commission hike. 

9. Shirley’s Bay Trail 

Shirley’s Bay Trail is a beautiful trail located on the Ottawa River. 

10. Jack Pine Trail

It’s the best spot to hike if you want to go bird watching. Keep an eye out for blue jays!

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