7 Best Experiences In Borneo For Travelers

1. Orangutans in their natural habitat

There’s a variety of places to see orangutans in Malaysian Borneo depending on your style of travel (and patience).  

2. Wildlife along the Kinabatangan River

While orangutans have become the leading stars of Borneo wildlife, they have a strong supporting cast.  

3. Climb Mount Kinabalu

The island’s highest peak at 4,095 m (13,452 ft), getting to its rocky summit is one of Borneo’s great trekking opportunities. 

4. Kuching’s street food

Kuching has a range of street food to rival any other Southeast Asian city.  

5. An overnight stay in a traditional longhouse

The Iban people of Borneo became infamous for headhunting when foreign adventurers first explored the island.  

6. The biodiverse rainforests of Danum Valley

The rainforests of Danum Valley are so biodiverse that, on average, a new species of plant is found every week.  

7. A secluded escape on Gaya Island

Borneo may not be top of the list of Asia’s most-esteemed beach destinations, but therein lies its secret. 

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