15 Best Cities to Visit in Florida While Traveling 

1. Daytona Beach

This city is where NASCAR began and the Daytona 500 is held. 

2. Kissimmee

With much of the city divided up by the various highways that run through it, Kissimmee is primarily visited by tourists looking to visit Disney World.  

3. Jacksonville

Located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, Jacksonville is remarkably the largest city in the States in terms of the area it covers. 

4. Tallahassee

Tallahassee is laid-back, with a slow pace of life that mirrors that of the Deep South. 

5. Panama City Beach

Located between Tallahassee and Pensacola, Panama City Beach caters to a diverse crowd.

6. St. Petersburg

Now there are some lovely street art murals dotted about town and the historic center is an energetic and trendy place. 

7. West Palm Beach

A delightful waterway runs through the city and there are lots of great beaches in the area for visitors to choose from. 

8. Pensacola

Surrounded by water, the city is in the panhandle, and there is a heavy military presence due to the various bases. 

9. Clearwater

Lying very near to Tampa, Clearwater is a slightly drab city that seems to be stuck in the past due to its dated downtown area. 

10. Sarasota

Located on the southwest coast of Florida, the city has lots of great restaurants and shopping malls to attract visitors.

11. Fort Lauderdale

It’s a lively place, with lots going on, and there are still some great bars and clubs for partygoers to revel in. 

12. Miami Beach

One of the most popular beach resorts in the States, Miami Beach is idyllic to visit, with some lovely art-deco architecture and world-famous beaches. 

13. Tampa

A sprawling city, there is much to like about Tampa, although it is often overlooked by tourists, who head to Miami and Orlando instead. 

14. Miami

Its sunny climate is home to the largest Hispanic population in the States.  

15. Orlando

The most popular tourist destination in Florida, every year millions of visitors descend upon the city for the magical theme parks that lie all around it. 

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