Best Cities To Spend 5 Days in Spain

Day 1- Day Trip from Madrid to Toledo

You will get a very impressive experience while traveling to Toledo just 70 km (45 miles) away from Madrid.

Day 2- Montserrat Day Trip from Barcelona

After exploring Barcelona you can visit an ancient Montserrat in the mountaintops.

Day 3- Avila and Segovia Day Trip from Madrid

All in one day, you will see everything from Roman aqueducts to Gothic cathedrals.

Day 4- Day Trip from Barcelona to Girona and Dali Museum

Just 100 km (60 miles) from Barcelona, Girona is filled with medieval architecture. Visit Dali Museum in the same day.

Day 5- Day Tour to France, Spain, and Andorra from Barcelona

While staying in Barcelona if you can expand your trip then you will get a chance to visit 3 different countries in a single day.

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