7 Best Beach Resorts In Ecuador For Travelers

1. Centro Vacacional "El Pro"

If you book your stay at Centro Vacacional “El Pro,” the room you’ll get will have a private bathroom and a patio that boasts a garden view.

2. Royal Decameron Punta Centinela

Pack your bags and head to Royal Decameron Punta Centinela. This luxury beach resort in Ecuador promises travelers a memorable holiday in a dreamy seafront location.

3. Hotel Makana Resort, Tonsupa

If your dream holiday destination is the gorgeous coastal town of Tonsupa, be sure to book a room in a hotel that shows you the beauty of the area 24/7.

4. Un Dia Boutique Resort, Playas

Merging nature, culture, and comfort, Un Dia Boutique Resort is a paradise with lots to offer to tourists.

5. Punta Hills Montanita

Make the most of your Montañita trip and make Punta Hills Montanita your home for the weekend.

6. Puertolago Country Inn & Resort, Otavalo

Puertolago Country Inn & Resort is a spectacular accommodation nestled on the majestic Lake San Pablo.

7. Green 9 Same Spa & Beach Resort, Esmeraldas

Those looking for some pampering in the dreamy Same Beach will find cloud nine at Green 9 Same Spa & Beach Resort.

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