15 Beautiful Snorkeling Spots  In Maui, Hawaii

1. Ho’okipa Beach

Located just off of the Road to Hana, it’s another great place for turtle-watching, as well as some excellent surfing.  

2. Kaulahao Beach

It’s also a popular option for underwater photography, so make sure that you bring your camera with you.

3. Kanaha Beach Park

The visibility is generally best during the drier months, as rain tends to stir up dirt and create a cloudy runoff from the river.  

4. Waiʻānapanapa State Park

Much like Hana Bay, Waiʻānapanapa State Park is a potential East Coast snorkeling option if the water is calm. 

5. Hana Bay Beach Park

As an added bonus, the Road to Hana, which leads directly to this gorgeous spot, is considered one of Hawaii’s.

6. Ahihi-Kinau Reserve

Once you’re there, be mindful of the sharp rocks, and enjoy some truly phenomenal swimming! 

7. Molokini Crater

The visually stunning Molokini Crater isn’t just cool to look at – it also makes a great environment for sea creatures! 

8. Makena State Park

For a great selection of diverse coastlines, make your way to Makena State Park. 

9. Maluaka Beach (Turtle Town)

There are lots of great places to spot turtles, but it’s hard to go wrong with a place called “Turtle Town”!  

10. Makena Landing Park & Five Cave

From whale watching and kayaking to paddleboarding and, of course, snorkeling, Makena Landing Park has it all! 

11. Po’olenalena Beach

Swim out along Middle Rocky Point and gaze down at surreal scenes filled with vibrant reefs and amazing sea life.  

12. Palauea Beach

For a beautiful spot with more of a local feel, head over to local favorite Palauea Beach. 

13. Polo Beach

Polo Beach might be a little busier than some of its counterparts, but its vibrant marine life makes it well worth a visit. 

14. Wailea Beach

It’s a terrific blend of nature and culture that will help you see this wonderful area in a whole new way!  

15. Ulua Beach

Even by the high standards of the Maui area, Ulua Beach’s biodiversity is pretty phenomenal! 

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